Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beyond Google

I decided to play around with Bing because I have not had a lot of experience with it. I will say that the maps feature is great. It actually will display a 3D version of a property. Pretty cool to look at friends' and families' homes 300 miles away. Of course, the satellite photos are a year or two old but it is pretty interesting to see the photo of my home with my car just coming into or leaving my driveway. It makes one think about how when we think we aren't being watched and we are alone, it probably isn't true!

Bing is such a visually appealing site. Right from the launch, without customizing, it is a modern looking and easy touch search engine. It seems to model itself after the smoothness of using an Apple McIntosh system. It could give Google a really good competitor. I wonder if we might someday be saying, "I Binged it, rather than I Googled it?"

I did not know about Wolfamalpha. I am having a wonderful time exploring all the features. I found a feature where you put in a year and a dollar amount and it calculates, with inflation rate, what amount of dollars that is equal to today. It would be fun when grandpa says he paid a dime for a movie in 1936 to calculate what that would be equal to in today's dollar.

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