Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exploring Google

I have used Google Maps for a long time. I like the way it is easily laid out to put in your destination and then map it. I find it easier to use than Mapquest. However, I live on a street that 5 years ago was not recognized by either sites. About two years ago, Mapquest started to recognize it, but to this day, Google Maps doesn't. Also, I have tried a couple GPS systems and they do not recognize my street either which leads me to wonder how Mapquest is ahead in this area. Also bing recognizes the street.

Flu Trends is interesting and I think that as we get into the season more I will be tapping into this more often.

I have used many of the secrets of the search box but found from Pogue's article a couple of tips I didn't think or know about such as quickly getting the weather or local movie times. This was very worthwhile info.

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