Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Netlibrary is a great supplement to OCL's in-house collection. There are many books that can add to a customer's search. For instance, when we do a search for "resume" or "interview" many resources come up that are fully searchable. From what I have read, the full text books can be printed but only one page at a time. Although it would be convenient to print a full chapter at a time, it is still great to be able to print a page. This especially true with something like the example of resumes.

I do find that it takes a while for each page to load and I guess I'm just spoiled now with having high speed access to most webpages. I have known about Netlibrary for several years, but having revisited it for this exercise, it has now been refreshed in my mind and I'll continue to do more exploring so I can recommend it to customers. It can be especially helpful to those in branches with a more limited nonfiction section.

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